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Professional tax slab in maharashtra 2016 17 pdf

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Professional tax slab in maharashtra 2016 17 pdf
Income Tax Slab Rates from AY 1992-93 to AY 2015-16 A. Normal tax rates applicable to an individual The normal tax rates applicable to a resident individual will depend on the age of the individual.
Professional Tax No. Dealer can download certificate in respective form – 2 or form – 4 from his login on website. Returns . A monthly return in form no – 5 is to be filled latest by 15 th of next month. If the no. of employees is more than 20 than dealer can file e -Return through website. Payment – Employee himself is not liable to pay this tax to the designated authority. It is his
New Professional Tax Slab in West Bengal, 2014 Department: Commercial Taxes , Finance 137 Comments Scheduled Rates of Professions Tax to be recovered by DDO from the salary and wages earners as per the West Bengal State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment Act, 1979 , (commonly known as Profession Tax Act):

23/03/2017 · The Maharashtra Budget for the year 2017-2018 was presented by the Finance Minister (FM) of Maharashtra on 18 March 2017. The budget was drawn to help ease of doing business by incorporating necessary changes in the tax laws and administration to overcome the constraints in the growth of businesses and to make the provisions in the
26/07/2006 · professional tax is rs 175/- per month for a salary of rs 7500/- pm in Maharashtra [Pune] Source(s): refer schedule 1 to the prfoession tax vinod s · 1 decade ago
Professional Tax Calculator, Professional Tax Rates for AP, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, MP, Karnataka, Kerala, Orisa, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, WB.

Income Tax Slabs Rates for AY 2016-17.pdf Income Tax In

Maharashtra PT Amendment Gross Below 10000 For – CiteHR

Fillable Forms » Prof. Tax. Professional Tax Forms in Excel / Fillable PDF. The forms compiled by Finotax in Excel / Word / fillable PDF format enable you to fill the form on your Laptop / PC before printing of the form.
Maharashtra state profession tax act & rules – pdf download 5 Replies 2 Files Our office is located at delhi and our team has worked in maharashtra for 14 days. is pt apllicable for us.
Maharashtra Profession Tax Act SCOPE Every person, engaged actively or otherwise in any profession, trade, calling or employment and falling under one or other classes mentioned in Schedule I of the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975, is liable to pay, to the State Government, tax prescribed under the said Schedule.

Maharashtra Government has presented its Additional Budget on 05th June 2014 through its Deputy Chief Minister And Finance Minister Shri Ajit Pawar in his Budget FM has increased Minimum salary limit for Profession Tax from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7500 which has come into effect from From July 2014 on salary payable in August 2014.
(See Rule 11, 11C, 17, 20, 22(4) and 27B of the Profession Tax Rules, 1975) ACCOUNT HEAD :- 00280012 Amounts in words :– – 2 7 P Amounts in words :-Full Name of the Tax Payer Amount in Rs. Remarks if any :-Amounts in words :-7 6-2 7 P Full Name of the Tax Payer Professions Tax Act, 1975 [RC] Professions Tax Act, 1975 [RC] From To From To Period Period Payee Details Code Amount in …
Download Income tax slab for ay 2016-17 in pdf, Download Latest Income tax Slab rates for FY 2015-16 OR Income tax slab rates For AY 2016-17. Download Income Tax slabs for Individual, HUF, Company, AOP, Foreign Company with Surcharge Details. In this article you can also find AMT Details. This file is prepared by income tax department. Now you can scroll down below n Download Income tax slab

In Maharashtra, profession tax is governed by the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Calling and Employment Act, 1975. All employees and professionals with a monthly salary of over Rs. 7500 must pay profession tax. Those with a salary of Rs. 7500 to Rs. 10,000 must pay Rs. 175 per month, while those with a higher salary must pay Rs. 200 a month (Rs. 300 in February). Payment of …
Important Forms(VAT) Macro Based Templates Amendments in C/F/H forms received Audit report circular and format Amended Form 205
tax on marble and granite slabs to remove this anomaly. I also propose to make necessary changes to the Entry Tax Act to be compatible with computerization and “ease of doing business”. • Profession Tax :- Liability of an un-enrolled person under the Profession Tax Act may extend up-to eight preceding years from the date of application. This deters many un-enrolled persons from applying
Professional Tax Slab in Maharashtra 2016-17 rates mentioned in the following table. State Government of Maharashtra levies Professional Tax at the rate of Rs. 200/- for 11 months and Rs. 300/- for the last month.
Home – Taxation – Professional Tax – Professional Tax Slab Rate All States in Professional Tax 0 1,478 Views This is the complete list of all the state collecting professional Tax from all the individual along with the Tax slab rate for Financial year.
1 2,000.00 2 2,500.00 Due date for Payment 30-06-2016 Interest for delayed payment 1.25% p.m Person who is enrolled after 31st May of a year has to pay tax within 1 month of date of enrollment.
Professional Tax Slab Rate in Maharashtra Salaried, self-employed individuals, and companies in Maharashtra are levied with professional taxes on their income from several sources. The professional tax slab rates are revised every fiscal year and can be …

“Schedule” to the West Bengal State Tax on Professions

In Maharashtra, this duty is applicable both on individuals and companies as laid down by the guidelines of the Maharashtra Professional Tax Act of 1975. Every individual living in Maharashtra, involved in any business, profession, occupation or employment is legally responsible to pay it and has to get a Certificate of Enrolment from the Professional Authority.
Guidance on filing Professional Tax Return in Maharashtra The Form III-(B) contains 17 Points.The Point whose colour is red is mandatory to fill & remaining columns are fill only if applicable. The First Point is Professional Tax R.C. No.
Updated Professional Tax Rates in Maharashtra 2016, Latest Professional Tax Rates in Maharashtra. This article is very much specifically for the changes in the professional tax rates which have been amended and the updated rates and the criteria for charging the same are mentioned below.
Professional Tax is a tax which is levied at the state level in our country. People who practice a profession of a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant, Lawyer, Company Secretary, Doctor or are a Businessperson/Merchant and earn through such professions are liable to pay professional tax in some states of the country.
What is professional tax? In India, the professional tax is imposed at the state level. However, not all the states impose this tax, the following states impose this levy in India – Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh.
Levy of Entry Tax on Marble and Granite slabs. Increase in Lottery Tax on the draws of Lotteries. VAT tax on Coconut hair oil sold in pack upto 500 ml enhanced to 12.5%.
West Bengal Professional Tax (WB PTAX) Rates, Slabs, Act, Rules, Enrollment, Registration & Return Profession Tax is a tax levied Mistakes One Must Not Make In Drafting An Employment Agreement Things To Remember While Draft A Valid Employment Contract See the mistakes one make while making a contract for employment. 10 thi…

How much is the professional tax in Maharashtra (Pune

Professional Tax in Maharashtra is governed by the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment Act, 1975 which came into effect from 1 st April 1975. The Professional Tax Slab Rates on Salary and Wages in Maharashtra are as follows:-
The new rates of Professional Tax have been notified for Coimbatore w.e.f. 1 st April 2015. Please take note and do the deductions accordingly. Professional tax slab for …
Following is the table of the income tax provisions proposed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Budget 2016-17: T ax slab of Men Below 60 Years Of Age for the financial year 2015-16: Income
Professional Tax in Maharashtra. The State Government of Maharashtra levies the professional tax on the Income earn from various sources. The Maharashtra State Tax governs the Professional Tax in Maharashtra on Professions, Trades, Calling and Employment Act, …
7/07/2016 · Professional tax is the tax levied by the various State Governments of India on salaried individuals working in government or non-government entities, or in practice of any profession…
Attached here is the circular regarding PT amendment for females in Maharashtra .There is No Deduction of profession tax in case of female employee drawing gross salary up to Rs. 10,000/- effective from April, 2015
The professional tax is a slab-amount based on the gross income of the professional and salaried and as well as the other states as may be decided employees.

Income Tax Slab for FY 2015-16 AY 2016-17 TaxGuru


The Professional tax rates is based on the Income Slabs set by the respective State Governments. However, the maximum Professional Tax that may be levied by any State has been capped at Rs 2500/-. The total amount of professional tax paid during the year is allowed as Deduction under the Income Tax Act.
• Quarterly eTds statement. • PF Deposit. • PF Form 5. • PF Form 10. 1 5 • Payment of Professional Tax. • Issue of TDS certificate in May. • PF Form 3A / 6A in April.
Goods and Services Tax – Detailed Discussion on The Punjab State Development Tax Act and Rules, 2018 (Professional Tax) Applicability, Registration procedure, documents, Challan deposit and returns…. Goods and Services Tax – Profession Tax is a tax levied on a person engaged in any profession
Surcharge : 12% of the Income Tax.000/-.Income Tax Slabs & Rates for Assessment Year 2016-17 Senior Citizen (Individual resident who is of the age of 60 years or more but below the age of 80 years at any time during the previous year i. .
maharashtra agriculture competitiveness project tax circular (for the f.yr2017-18) (relevant to macp project) provisions of income tax for salary
We also try to provide Professional Tax Slab Rates for AY 2016-17 for All States. Now you can scroll down below and check everything you want to know about Professional Tax. Now you can scroll down below and check everything you want to know about Professional Tax.

Professional Tax Slabs for Indian States » Sensys Blog.

Professional Tax Forms in Excel / Word Finotax

Professional Tax Slabs in Various States: Since each state tends to have its own slab for professional taxes, here are the slabs for various states and union territories in India. Professional Tax in Maharashtra:
professional tax on salary or wage earners. from to tax rates – 5,000 – 5,001 6,000 60 andhra pradesh. professional tax on salary or wage earners. from to tax rates – 3,500 –
Professional Tax slab rate in Madhya Pradesh for 2016-17 October 6, 2016 Professional Tax or PT is the tax which is applied on all types of professions such as salaried individuals of both government and non-governmental organizations and on private practitioners such as …
profession or trade in West Bengal, receivable by him, and that of all the branches or offices in West Bengal in respect of a firm, company, corporation or other corporate body, any society, club or association, during the immediately preceding year.
Professional tax slab keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see …
LAST UPDATED: 09.03.2015 —– Assam Professional Tax Rates: Upto Rs.3,500/- Nil Rs.3,501/- to Rs.5,000/- Rs.30/-Rs.5,001/- to Rs.7,000/- Rs.75/-Rs.7,001/- to Rs
Profession Tax on Employees in Maharashtra Profession tax also called tax on employment is imposed by a state under article 276 of the Constitution of India. This tax is deducted from the salary of an employee every month.
Income Tax Calculator for Individual, Company & Firm for AY 2016-17 in Excel free CA Final all Accounting Standards Summary for Nov 2015. Leave a Comment Cancel reply
Professional Tax Rates in Maharashtra T he state of Maharashtra has passed an Act known as the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975 with the purpose to collect revenue to be used in Employment Generation Guarantee Scheme.

List of benefits available to Salaried Persons [AY 2016-17

List of benefits available to Salaried Persons [AY 2016-17] S. N. Section Particulars Benefits A. Allowances 1. 10(13A) House Rent Allowance (Sec. 10(13A)
Assam Professional Tax Rates, Slabs, Returns, Act, Rules & Procedure Akash Kapoor 08:38 assam professional tax challan , assam professional tax rate , assam professional tax registration , assam professional tax return , assam professional tax slab , assam professional tax slab 2016-17
Maharashtra Profession Tax Amendment 2015 Amendment in Maharashtra Profession Tax, Profession Tax on Employees in Maharashtra Apr 30 2015 In pursuance of clause (3) of article 348 of the Constitution of India, the following translation in English of the Maharashtra Tax Laws (Levy, Amendment and Validation) Act, 2015 (Mah.
16/10/2016 · Labels: professional tax india, professional tax india 2016, professional tax india List of States in Which Professional Tax is Applicable, professional tax india wikipedia 1 comment: Reece Anderson 30 October 2017 at 09:06
07 May 2008 The set of professional tax slabs in India are different for all the 28 states in India and some of the states have formulated different professional tax slabs for men, women, and the senior citizens of the respective states.
Professional Tax Slab Rates in India for Financial Year 2016-17 Normally, state government imposes professional tax slab rates basis for salaried individuals and collects it monthly. However, in case of professionals, company, Director, Partners etc. the professional tax is collected annually. Below are the rates of professional tax slab of various states with respect to salary: Union
Income Tax Slab for Association of Persons (AOP) and Body of Individuals (BOI): In previous article, we have discussed about the income tax slab/income tax rates for individual for A.Y.2018-19. In this article we will discuss only about AOP and BOI income tax slab rates.

The tax slab is same for men and women in India. It is Rs 2,50,000/- per year for women up to age of 60. However it is Rs 3,00,000/- if the age is 60!and more. It is Rs 2,50,000/- …
Professional tax is a tax levied by the various State Governments of India on salaried individuals, working in government or non-government entities, or in practice of any profession, including Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers etc or carry out some form of business.
Professional Tax slab for Tamil Nadu has been revised 2018 The new Profession Tax assessment and collection now involves the provision of tax on professions, trades, callings & employments, under the Tamil Nadu Municipal Laws (Second Amendment) Act 1998.
Professional tax slab in West Bengal for 2016-17 September 19, 2016 Professional Tax or PT is a type of tax which is applicable on salaried individuals, Individuals who are practicing professionals such as doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants.
Financial year 2016-17, Government of Maharashtra has introduced the Maharashtra Tax Laws (Levy, Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2016 (hereinafter referred as ‘the amendment Bill’) for amending, among others, various provisions in the Maharashtra VAT Act and Maharashtra Profession Tax Act. The brief summary of amendments is mentioned below: Key Highlights of the amendment I. Maharashtra

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